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Posted - 01/20/2007 : 5:25:49 PM These are not nice, I know, but they are part of realiy too...
I believe these are post war, but there was no date on them and no story given by the seller.

Sic transit gloria mundi...

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Any comments are welcome.
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Posted - 01/20/2007 : 7:41:07 PM It makes me think of a documentary I saw some time ago about a whole bunch (an armycorps? Charkov? Don't remember that well) of Russian soldiers abandoned by their own army and country during WWII. The locals used the identity tags, that they found in the small bakelite containers from around the necks, to roll their cigarettes. It where different times, even in the so-called civilised parts of this small world.Ubique fidelis et fortis
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