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1st pic.....nothing new here.
2nd pic.....largely illegible to me....might be our old friend Mayand, but I'm not certain of that.
3rd pic.....nothing new
4th pic Indeed! It is a summons to pick up his artificial arm. You won't be needing BigCom and myself much longer, BayCol, if you keep learning to read this!!

5th pic..nothing new
6th pic from H. Fett with Bockenheim postmark
7th pic

illegible town name Buailc? September 6, 1918

Mein l.[ieber] Fr.[eund] Heinrich!

Hier gut angekommen, Sendet dir, deine Eltern & bruder Karl die herzlichen Gruesse,
dein H. Fett

Wo bleiben die Biersteine? Warte jeden Tag darauf. Was gibt es sonst
Neues? Hier noch alles beim Alten, und bin ich nicht am Pr.
sondern auf Komp[agnie] Schreibstube.
Freundl[iche] Gruss,

Buaila September 6, 1918

My dear friend Heinrich!

Arrived here without any problems, sending you, your parents, and your brother, Karl, heartfelt greetings, yours, H. Fett

Where are the beer mugs? Await them every day. What else is new? Everything here is the same as always, and I am not assigned to the Prussians, but am assigned instead to the company office.

Friendly Greetings,
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