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Pionier Ernst
/ z(ur) Z(eit) beurlaubt / Griechemerst(rasse) No 89
No place ???

Pionier Heinrich Faber / z(ur) Z(eit) beurlaubt / Grossen-Linden / Giessen

Lieber Heinrich,
Deine Karte gerade erhalten als ich in Köln (The Roman "Colonia Victrix Julia Lepida", to be exact) ankam. Ich habe 5 Tage in Tiev(?)* gelegen aber ich kann dir sagen das ich Schmerzen habe, und am Donnerstag mittag bin ich weiter gefahren, und befinde mich jezt zu Hause, habe noch grosse Schmerzen und ist noch nicht viel dunner geworden.
Das Bein kann ich garnicht anziehen so dick ist es. Wenn ich bloss nicht noch muss mit nach den Lazarett (strange sentence but I'm convinced that this is what it says, TE may use some "poetical freedom"). Heinrich aber ich kann dir sagen in Tiev* habe ich nicht gut gelebt es gab da feines(?) (keines???) Essen ich habe ge...(?).
Mit freundlichen Gruss, dein Freund Ernst.
PS: Bitte um Antwort.

Pioneer Ernst Lanz
currently on leave [ this statement was no doubt required because this card was sent with no postage as "Feldpost" ]
Griechemerstrasse # 89
[ Presumably in Cologne ]

Pioneer Heinrich Faber
currently on leave
Grossen Linden

Dear Heinrich:
Your card received once I got to Cologne. I was bedridden for 5 days in Trier but I can tell you that I had pain, and on Thursday I rode farther, and now find myself at home, still have bad pain and [it] has not gotten much less swollen. I cannot put on my leg at all since it is so swollen. If only I might avoid being admitted back into the military hospital.

[ My interpretation here is that he has had a leg amputated and is having trouble with swelling of the stump, which is causing him to be unable to wear his prosthesis. Presumably he has developed an infection, as this was the preantibiotic era, and chronic infections often caused prolonged convalescences. The problem of which he writes is by the context apparently already well known to Heinrich, and thus leaves us to interpret what is meant here. ]

Heinrich, but I must tell you that I lived well in Trier. There was great food, I did....[ illegible word ]

With the friendliest greetings,
your friend Ernst.

P.S. Reply requested.
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