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Pionier Heinrich Faber / 2. Ersatz Komp. / Pionier Batallion 21 / Mainz Kastel /
Schule / 3te Korporalschaft

I'm under the impression that there is only: Greetings to (????? 5 names), and no address.

Friedberg 8.VII.15
Lieber Freund!
Habe deine Karte vom 27.VI. erhalten und mich gefreut das dir das Soldatenleben gut gefällt.
Wie du ja wohl schon gehört hast sind wir am 5.VII. alle nach Friedberg bei 116 (? Division, Company, Regiment, Squadron, Batallion ???) eingewählt.
Es grüsst dich herzlich,

Friedberg, the 8th of July, 1915

Dear Friend!

Have received your card from June 27th, and am glad to hear that a soldier's life is agreeable to you.
As you have no doubt already heard, on the 5th of July we were all assigned to the 116th at Friedberg.

With warmest greetings,
Wilhelm Gryf
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