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Whether this huge lot contains anything of military interest remains to be seen, but I believe it does. Judging from the stamps and adresses he joined the army in 1915 or earlier. He was wounded in 1916 (july, Somme or Verdun?), he spent at least 3/4 of a year in hospital before going home to Hessen, Grossen Linden. During his stay in hospital and after that there are lots of feldpost letters from war buddies (may be interesting stuff there...), also there are lots of official cards ordering him to go to medical examinations etc... In other words I believe he was wounded in such a way that he was sent home. I'll post these chronologically so it will be possible to follow one individual soldier (and some of his buddies) through WWI.

Pionier Heinrich Faber
2. Ersatz Kompagnie
Pionier Battaillon
3. Korporalshaft
Mainz Kastel
Schule 21

Dragoner Slegnus(?)
Ersatz Eskadron
Leib Dragoner Regiment 24

Darmstadt de 7.7.15
Lieber Freund,
Bin glücklich hier angekommen und es gefällt mir hier sehr gut, offentlich dir auch. Das warten gefällt mir gut, jeden Tag 1.5 St(unden), 2 St(unden) Fussdienst, 1 Stunde Instruktion, dan noch putzen. Dienst nicht überanstrengend. Hoffe es auch bei dir. Habe heute erst Deine Brieffe(?) von (?)nst erhalten.
In der Hoffnung auf ein frohes und gesundes Wiedersehn schliesst dein Freund Heinrich.

Darmstadt, the 7th of July, 1915
Dear friend:

I was happy to get here and I like it a lot; hopefully things are the same for you. The riding is fun, every day 1 1/2 hours, then 2 hours of drill on foot, one hour of instruction, then cleaning up. The duty is not overly strenuous. I hope it is the same for you. I just received your address today from Ernst. Hoping for a happy and healthy reunion, I will close,
your friend,
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