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Posted - 05/29/2004 : 05:51:12 AM Show Profile Send kyron4 a Private Message
Why is Russian/WOLF Makarov ammo loaded with a 109 gr bullet; when the Soviet/Russian loading for the Mak. has been a 95 gr FMJ at 1060fps. since the pistol was developed ? Dose the Russian army now use a 109gr loading for their Mak's ? LVE and Barnual still load a 95 gr bullet and that's Russian Factory ammo. Any input ? -Thanks

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Posted - 05/29/2004 : 08:11:53 AM Show Profile
Right up front, I don't know. With that out of the way, compare 9x18 to a slightly more popular military cartridge, the 30.06. I don't know how many different loads are available in this old standard, but it's a bunch.

Different loads are made to perform different missions and to sell ammo. Some of the ballistics experts on the forum will probably be able to shed some light on which it is. Also, the military loads were all ball and many 9x18 loads are hollow point. guys tell me that Extreme Shock is interested in producing 9x18 ammo. That round would put the Makarov on an equal to or better than footing with many heavier and more popular bullets. CB
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Posted - 05/29/2004 : 09:36:15 AM Show Profile
Just yesterday found a couple of brands of ammo that I have'nt been able to find. S&B and Fiocchi, the S&B is 90gr ball and the fiocchi is 95gr hp. Haven't had the chance to shoot any yet, when I do I'll give a range report.
P.S. I found these at the same gunshop where I found the Blazer 90gr hp last week. I liked it very much had good penetration, although; the hp did not open up. It was also exspensive at $15.00/50.
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Posted - 05/29/2004 : 10:53:20 AM Show Profile
Don't know for sure why Wolf choose to go with the 109 grain slug in their FMJ 9 x 18 round, rather than the older 95 grain previously standard.

However, if I may, let me make a guess or two:

1). Momentum...the greater weight of the same diameter traveling at the same speed as a lighter weight, will PENETRATE further (in FMJ configuration). Penetration can be critical in both head wounds and in severing or piercing major arteries/blood vessels and organs.

2). The Russians seem to have concluded (after 40 + years of faithful service), that the old form of the 9 x 18 was becoming outdated for combat use (increasing use of armored vests/flak jackets). Thus their attempts to design a more powerful form of the ammunition used and a pistol capable of using it (the Makarov uses a blow back cyling system and the 9 x 18 is the most that that design can handle without excessive recoil and control problems).

3). Attempts by various ammunition makers to continue to make the 9 x 18 a viable and effective round for all around Civilian use. Those attempts include offering the FMJ in a heavier version (from 95 to 109 grain), Extreme Shock techology, higher velocity (CorBon), Hollow Point development and others. As Criticalbass has already pointed out, it about choices. Different choices for different situations, each being effective for it's intended use through specific designs to accomplish that purpose (hopefully). The 30-06 is a prime example of that evolution. Lots of choices.

Hopefully, I haven't just added to the confusion. If so, please just ignore my comments/opinion.
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Posted - 05/29/2004 : 12:06:28 PM Show Profile

They did design and utilize AP ammo for the 9X18 chambering, I am trying to find a picture but maybe others will come foward.

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