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Musical instrument Dulcitar
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Friend bought this Budapest long rifle in an original 8x50R year ago for $80 at the gun show.
Ever since he got it we tried to make some rounds for it.We made like 80 so far loaded with 36gr.of IMR 3031 and 29gr.of H 4198 and with 205gr. hard cast gas checked .329 from Western Bullets.Donor case is 7,62 Nagant.Thanks to DocAV and Dedeparis for the help with the reloading issues!
Number on the receiver and barrel is not matching.Does that indicate an Austrian rebarrel job ? Bore is in very good shape.It should be a decent shooter.

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Number on the receiver and barrel is not matching.
....A very common practice. One-fourth of mine are like that, different barrel & receiver numbers.
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