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Going off of the list (Ian McCollum, Chassepot to FAMAS, p. 453):
L806, 3.85x, French Army: I could use one from my MAS 49 or MAS 49/56 and be close to a correct early configuration
Scrome J8, French Army: not available
Schmidt & Bender, 6x42, French Air Force: very expensive (1.5-2K), hard to find
Schmidt & Bender, 1.5-6x42, Navy commandos: very expensive, hard to find
Schmidt & Bender, 3-12x50, Gendarmerie: very expensive, hard to find
Leupold 10x42, Gendarmerie: cheapest, easiest to find something similar.

My two francs, the "hard to find" issue is a bigger barrier than the "very expensive", though the latter is not a trivial consideration. I mean the rifle wasn't cheap, so I can spend money on glass too, but 2K is getting a bit hard to swallow to chase a semblance of authenticity, without actually achieving true authenticity, as in military issued.

I'll probably opt for something from the Leupold lineup that is close in appearance to the last option in the list above. Perhaps a variable Leupold, because: variable power scopes are easier to find than fixed power scopes at magnifications above 6x, it would be arguably similar to a Gendarmerie-issued scope, and it will be very functional for shooting.

Perhaps, someone will succeed in getting an actual Scrome J8, but not me. Perhaps a bit more likely, someone will import a J10 (or other model) with a "sporting" reticle. Either one is probably beyond my patience, persistence and cost tolerances. I assume those would be closer to 3K on up.

I picked up my FR-F2 yesterday. It got a lot of looks and questions at the gun shop. Très magnifique!
Consistent with what I have, with the exceptions of the NIGHFORCE NSX and SAGAM (night vision):

  • SCROME J 8 F 1 (top forward of adjustment turrets- “SCROME” inside of a scope/Paris inside of a 3-ring + reticle; top rear of adjustment turrets- ARMEE FRANCAISE/DESIGNACION: J 8 F 1/CODE FAB ??1V6 B01/3308/ DATE DE ? GARANTIE/1997 1998 1999 2000/J F M A M J J A S O N D)(Army)
  • APX L 806-3/-4 3.85x (Army)
  • Schmidt & Bender 6x42; NIGHTFORCE NSX (Air Force)
  • Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6x42 mil-dot (Navy)
  • Leupold M-1/M-2/M-3 10x42; Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 (Gendarmerie)
  • SAGAM (Societe d’Applications Generales de I’Electrocite et de la Mecanique/Company of General Applications of Electricity and Mechanics; Paris, France; ceased operations in 2005) Sword Sniper 3-in-1 (telescopic sight/thermal sight/laser range finder)


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More SNs: stock (first picture), extension, and buttpad.
I bet those stock extensions originally serialized to the rifle are rare. At first glance I thought mine was original. Flip them over and XXXXXX lol . The black butt pad has a serial as well . Non matching here.

Wood Wood stain Artifact Hardwood Varnish

Musical instrument Wood Wood stain Hardwood Rectangle

The stock was correct. Light stamping but, its there.

Wood Natural material Wood stain Musical instrument Artifact
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