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French issue WWI .32 automatic pistols of the "Ruby" pattern are found with a dome headed rivet added to the slide located above and forward of the safety lever. The French added the rivet to move the holster side out of the way during holstering. Apparently without the rivet, there was a tendency for the holster to take the gun off safety with nasty results.

Was the rivet added post WWI?
Was the rivet added during the war by French Ordnance?
Was the rivet added by the Spanish manufacturers during the war?

I have a GI WWII bring back obtained in Italy. It has the rivet hole and I wonder if it is French or one ordered by the Italians in WWI.

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It is believed that sometime in the early 1920’s weapons overhaul period French Ordnance added a "safety knob" on left side of slide which helped to push out on the holster when holstering or upholstering to avoid moving the safety over to fire position.

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