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Not sure where to post.
Trying to identify old 5 shot revolver in "CALIBRE 8M"
Top strap is marked "MANUE D'ARMES" with "HD" centered over it.
Next line is "HDH LIEGE"
CALIBRE 8M is on left side of frame under cylinder cut-out.
Barrel is 3.5", hammer is bobbed(factory) and is useable as single action. Gun is nickel plated.
S/N on butt is 3321.
It resembles the Modele 1892 REVOLVER(Lebel or St. Etienne) but don't think it is one.
I will try to put up some pictures tomorrow but are there any ideas of what it is. It was a WW II
bring back from Sicily.

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H.D.H. is for Manufacture de Armes Henrion, Dassy & Heuschen which was located at 22 Rue Chéri, à Liège, Belgique from 1910 to 1924/5 then moved to 8 Rue des Prés, Liège, Belgique. This company was in business from 1910 to 1934. They made all sorts of different firearms during their time in business.

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