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I have what remains of the stock from a T99 Arisaka, "last ditch" Jinsen arsenal. There's no sugar coating it, this thing has seen better days. The stock is broken as pictured, it's really only about half there. The wood is dirty and dried out on the outer surface, but actually seems not too bad on the interior. There are a couple metal components remaining, the cross bolt and some screw lug for the action. I wouldn't plan on using the cross bolt, it is probably frozen with rust. Amazingly there is a cartouche or proof stamp visible in the barrel channel.

I figured I would offer this up for free to anyone who thinks they could use it to splice and repair parts of their own stock, maybe even for restoring the foreend of a sporter stock. I know a lot of you are purists and if you want to do repairs what better wood to use than the real thing. Just cover the shipping. I'm not sure what it would cost to ship but I'm guessing about $25 or so. If you are interested send me your zip code and I'll box it up and weigh it for an estimate.

You can see an album of pictures for it here:
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