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Free Beer

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23 hits, where are all the Enfieldoholics :(

Drink up while it lasts before the Ozmanics get here :)

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are here and drinking up the fine vintage
Thanks Ed,

This one's for you!
Canadian piss is like making love in a canoe..... f.....g close to water :D:D:D

Age of beer

I thought that this beer had a certain life that it had to be stored for, before it could be drunk.
...ain't no such thing as 6yr old Canadian beer...
I thought that this beer had a certain life that it had to be stored for, before it could be drunk.
Look at the Italian beer at Euroarms on the left side of the web page under Manuali and then ask about the “ageing process”.

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Canadian piss is like making love in a canoe..... f.....g close to water :D:D:D


Make sure you read the Data Summery, the canoe “dimensions” have been changed.

GO .064, NO-GO .070, Field .074

Best regards your buddy Ed
Enfield Archeologist and Connoisseur of fine Manuali

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great read,
i don't have a #4 but i would like to get one.
but i do have a 1941 #1 MkIII* lithgow.
all matching
my Question to you fine drinkers out there
is there any great stuff like this for the #1 MkIII
any an all links

The Australians hide their Enfield manuals and then pass out Vegemite to leave a bitter taste in your mouth hoping you will stop looking their manuals. The Australians forget why so many Horton’s were sent to Tasmania or that three fast sneaky bastards (My ancestors) made it to the Colonies without being caught.

In my manual sticky at the top of the page you will find the 1931 Instructions for Armourers and the chapter dealing with the Enfield rifle. You will also find an Australian Enfield parts manual and Jim Sweets “Competitive Rifle Shooting” with the “Black Arts of SMLE Bedding and also war time training manuals.

"Sprecken se Dutch" :)

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Thanks Edward,
I have read these links about The #1 MkIII
also said them to my Lithgow folder.
If i may ask
What do you know about the FORESTOCKS on the #1 MkIII
So far I have been very fortunate and have stolen a lot of information from the Ozmanics. (Give them a beer and they will tell you anything) :)
Oh, Edward! You're going to get that uptight gent's knickers in a knot again! He'll send you nasty e-mails and threaten to have the Canadian Military Police arrest you for "disseminating Department of National Defence confidential documentation" or "failing to pay royalties to Her Majesty's Crown Printer"!

Thanks for posting these free publications, which I have saved for future reference. From a fellow Lee-Enfield collector (who learned to shoot with a Long Branch C No. 7 .22 rifle as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets).

Greetings from the Great White North! Most appreciated.
Resistance is futile, the Manuali will be assimilated into the Enfield collective!

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Hey I thought this thread was about beer...what the heck....well thanks for the is a little beer in return.

edward,what is the blue stuff?
is that lithgow wood?
if so,is it coachwood?
The photos were originally posted by an Australian to show the bedding contact points (blue areas) and I borrowed them, I don’t eat Vegemite and I wouldn’t know coach wood if it jumped up and bit me.

And remember you can’t trust the Ozmanics :eek:
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Thanks Edward for the info
do you know if the forearms on a #1 MkIII came with an exposed tie plate (brass) at the backend of the stock?
my Lithgow has the plate (brass) inset in the back for the square stock bolt.
i had a guy try to sell me a #1 stock set and he said it was for a #1
i have seen forearms that have that tie plate but they don't state what rifle or manufacture it comes from. i.e. ishapore,indian etc.
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