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Let's hear some good news for a change.

4 days ago I walk in a Dunhams for a box of cheap 20ga bird shot on sale.
I get my on sale bird shot.
Then I see the slugs , I don't need a lot of them but another 5rd box since they seem to be on sale for $4.79.
Wife is reading signs and looking around and hands me a rebate form.
Upon reading it I learn if I buy 2 boxes of these $4.79 slugs , I get a $5.00 rebate in the mail. This is a Remington rebate by the way.

3 days ago I go to a gun sale for a good sale price on a sw mp15-22.
Ad says get a free xtra mag while in stock.BONUS! They were in stock so I scored a free xtra mag BUT then guy hands me a rebate for buying the gun..... free 300rds of CCI AR tactical. Already mailed that one out. DOUBLE BONUS!

life ain't too bad
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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