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I would imagine the serial numbers relate to order of conversion since these rifles were previously manufactured models (and not all Spanish-made) converted into the FR-8 or FR-7 configuration. They would have had different serial numbers prior to conversion.

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So I found 84 more unique rifles, although one, like the one above, does not have a serial number, but nevertheless can at present be distinguished from any other rifle listed; it's an FR-8 built on a Danzig receiver located here in the U.S. Seems like 1956 is by far the most common year. Anything before 1949 is uncommon. I'll bet that has to do with the sale of a large amount of Spain's Mauser inventory to Interarms in 1950 or 1951. I have yet to see any Polish or Brno receivers, or scrubbed ones, all of which might well exist. Apparently there may exist 1959-1961 dated La Coruna receivers. Production of the M43 continued for the Spanish Navy until 1961 and they did end up with a number of FR-8s. An issue for researchers, though, is the fact that the Spanish Navy destroys almost every small arm they remove from inventory. I do find it interesting that all of the Gew98M receivers so far fall within the 31000-33000 range.

EXP-1: 1949 La Coruna (FR8 marked on left side of receiver ring, not part of serial no.; trigger guard and floorplate both are serialed; bolt left unfinished)
FR8-01752: date unk La Coruna
FR8-02178: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-02180: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-03189: 1947 La Coruna
FR8-04409: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-04797: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-04987: 195X La Coruna
FR8-05418: 1947 La Coruna
FR8-05444: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-06517: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-06806: 1947 La Coruna
FR8-07895: ?
FR8-07995: ?
FR8-0977X: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-10065: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-10634: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-10791: ?
FR8-11064: ?
FR8-11194: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-12198: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-12613: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-13191: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-13280: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-13290: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-13841: ?
FR8-14016: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-15271: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-16690: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-16766: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-173XX: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-17316: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-17916: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-18009: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-18414: 1953 La Coruna
FR8-19090: 1955 La Coruna
FR8-20040: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-21213: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-22829: date unk La Coruna
FR8-22877: ?
FR8-23044: 1957 La Coruna
FR8-23418: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-23470: 1957 La Coruna
FR8-23669: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-25946: 1953 La Coruna
FR8-28028: ?
FR8-28082: 19X6 La Coruna
FR8-28290: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-28346: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-28719: 1947 La Coruna
FR8-29310: 1958 La Coruna
FR8-29615: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-29641: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-2998X: 1951 La Coruna
FR8-30042: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-30X18: 1958 La Coruna (X is a 2 or 7, more likely a 2)
FR8-31755: 1917 Spandau
FR8-32157: ?
FR8-32223: 1916 Simson & Co. Suhl (different rifle from the one in the UK above)
FR8-3248X: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-34896: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-35008: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-35507: date unk La Coruna
FR8-36382: 1945 La Coruna
FR8-37742: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-39182: 1955 La Coruna
FR8-39740: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-42911: 1957 La Coruna
FR8-44338: 1957 La Coruna
FR8-45507: date unk La Coruna
FR8-45663: 1958 La Coruna
FR8-45913: 1954 La Coruna
FR8-46224: 1956 La Coruna
FR8-46891: 1955 La Coruna
FR8-46997: 1957 La Coruna
FR8-47666: 1955 La Coruna
FR8-48873: 1950 La Coruna
FR8-48914: ?
FR8-51077: 195X La Coruna (X might be a 4, but it's badly faded)
FR8-52781: ?
FR8-60262: ?
FR8-69992: 1952 La Coruna
FR8-X4331: 1953 La Coruna
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