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NEI 150 grain gas check bullet cast of pure linotype metal and sized to .314 with 50/50 alox lube. . 22 grains of Dupont 4198 powder. Use 1 grain of polyester pillow fiber as a filler. Shot several 3 shot 5/8 inch groups and several 5 shot 1 inch groups out of two No. 4 Enfields.

Advantage of cast loads:

Low recoil

3 times the barrel life compared to full power blaster loads.

Alox lube deposits a thin film of lube on the bore to protect it until you clean the barrel.

Loads as cheap as the bore and action destroying corrosive ammo and there is no worry about outdated ammo coming apart and causing a Ka-boom.

Recommendations: Reduce trigger pull from the standard horrendous 8 lb. military to pull to a more manageable 5 or 6 lbs.
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