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I am looking for a Japanese rifle for "my" room. I'm looking for any rifle that has an intact mum and the external metal is not pitted. I came across one today with a price of $225, type 99. I think this was his "I have a dream" price but he may not move. It had a dark bore with strong rifling. The stock had multiple cracks and repairs and the blue was none existent and I'm not sure if the bolt matched the receiver... damn my eyesight and for forgetting my glasses. Always like to have my guns in shooting condition but not opposed to a nice wall hanger for this item. My questions are

1 what would be a reasonable price?
2 did I provide enough info?
3 if no on question 2 what else?
4 What am I missing? (IQ points is not an acceptable answer)
5 "warning"sacrilegious comments coming: Not opposed to reblueing and sanding/replacing stock for a nice wall hanger.

Yeah I get to pay the mortgage and taxes but after 25 years my Daughter moved out and I was able to claim a room (2 out 2 kids to go). My design has a WWII theme with England, Russia, and Germany getting a corner with repros getting replaced by with originals as they are found. Main focus being US in working unrestored condition, weapons and artifacts as I find them.



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you don't mention if it is matching or not, which is good to know.

Doesn't sound like a deal to me; no finish and multiple problems with the stock - I'd pass and get a better one at the same price or a real nice one for a little more.
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