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I don't normally find that my photography hobby has a lot in common at least on a collecting level with my firearms and militaria interests, but then this came up for sale on the Pentax forum of all places and I almost fell off the wagon again, thankfully I have my collecting "habit" under control.
Link is to the info page the guy made on it and not to the ad itself as I forget if that would break rules:

I am a Pentax camera person which was at one point in its past known as and owned by Asahi Optical Company, and so when I saw the exact same triangle AOCo logo used all the way up to almost 1980 that you probably saw on the top of a K1000 camera if you took a high school darkroom camera class even today, all I could think was COOL! especially considering this was made several years before they even started producing cameras and only a few years after the company changed to that name format. I gather anything by AOCo is an oddball for war relics so I just thought it interesting enough to share.
I would so own this thing if I wasn't both poor and over the addiction known as collecting (I think).
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