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Found a bit different 9.3x57 today

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Well actually two of them. Both in the 41000 serial # range.

The first one was a HVA marked one,but the forend was checkered,and was more of an oval shape,not thin like my early one is. Not a bad gun,d&t,and tang cracks though.

The second one,really has me wondering the more I think about it. The stock was in between the other one I saw and mine,but it had a cheek piece on it. The receiver looked to be scrubbed,but the tilted crowns were present. Now the real weird part. Sitting on the rack the barrel looked like a normal HVA,maybe a bit longer. Once I held it though something was definately different about it. The barrel was not HVA. It had a name on it,that at first looked like Helqvist,was marked 9.3x57 right under the name,just in front of the receiver,then under it all in line weas the serial number. Then a knurled ring was around the barrel before the sight if I remember correctly. I'm trying to get some pics of it.
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I tried trading for the first one. But they undervalued my trade too much. I liked the feel of the wider forend. The second one was way too expensive for me. They wanted $499 for it. It did look good,but about $150 too high for my tastes.

I think Steve meant visible serial numbers on the receiver,not ones under the wood.
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