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Found a bit different 9.3x57 today

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Well actually two of them. Both in the 41000 serial # range.

The first one was a HVA marked one,but the forend was checkered,and was more of an oval shape,not thin like my early one is. Not a bad gun,d&t,and tang cracks though.

The second one,really has me wondering the more I think about it. The stock was in between the other one I saw and mine,but it had a cheek piece on it. The receiver looked to be scrubbed,but the tilted crowns were present. Now the real weird part. Sitting on the rack the barrel looked like a normal HVA,maybe a bit longer. Once I held it though something was definately different about it. The barrel was not HVA. It had a name on it,that at first looked like Helqvist,was marked 9.3x57 right under the name,just in front of the receiver,then under it all in line weas the serial number. Then a knurled ring was around the barrel before the sight if I remember correctly. I'm trying to get some pics of it.
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Not strange when you consider that Husqvarna got it's start by making rifle barrels for the Swedish Crown. To them, the barrel was the important part. Occasionally you see an older muzzle loader barrel that has been reworked and put on a rolling block action. In fact, all of the modern sporting rifles (model 46 on) up till 1968 had the serial number on the barrel. The 1900 action guns made after 1968 were the first sporting rifles to have the serial number on the receiver for Husqvarna.
I don't believe this is true. I have more (Husky) 9.3x57's than I can remember and all of them including those made in the twenties have both the receiver and barrel serial numbered. I just got one yesterday with ethe SN in the 453XX range and both are numbered.I also have in hand number 123CC and it too has both barrel & receiver numbered. Even my later model 146 series have the serial on the receiver under the front ring just ahead of the recoil lug, #206XX for example.

But, perhaps you meant ONLY on the receiver?

My later model 46's have the knurled ring between the receiver ring and rear sight band.

Woodbeef, these would not have stayed at the shop had it been me, unless of course the propietor thought too highly of them ($$$).
I think Steve meant visible serial numbers on the receiver,not ones under the wood.
I believe you are right.
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