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This forum was first and foremost created to cater for what wasn't considered politically correct in the military forum.
Swedish commercial and sporterized military firearms should be the main theme here, as indicated by the forum title, as well as related discussions on equipment, gadgets, ammunition, reloading, shooting and hunting.
However, lately this forum has from time to time also touched the topic of firearms from other parts of Fenno-Scandinavia. This is fully permissible behaviour.
And anyways, a little bit of off topic discussion probably won't hurt, might even bring in some fresh air and should not get you banned.

Buy-sell-trade ads are allowed, as long as they are somehow related to the subject field. Ad's from traders as well as links to them, to gun shows and et al are also permissible, again, as long as they are related to the forum topic...

Neither the forum owners, the administrators or the moderators can or should be held responsible for any resulting effects of using loading data posted within this forum. Use any published data with your best judgement, discretion and at your own risk!

Be polite! Heated discussion is sometimes unavoidable, and at times even recommendable.
Profanity, name-calling, flaming, trolling and spamming is not.

This is a very friendly group, and in memory of our great friend Steve we will maintain it that way.

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