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No Wanted To Buy (WTB) Wanted To Sell (WTS) Or Want To Trade (WTT) Ads are allowed in the forums. Use the Trader for such postings. There will be NO chit chat or comments regarding items for sale in the forums. Use the proper forums to discuss a firearm if you feel it needs to be discussed in detail.

No flames or personal attacks will be tolerated. Posts that either attack, flame orare derogatory and/or inflammatory will be deleted and the IP of the poster noted and infractions will be given. This includes both written postings and or images that are meant to be inflammatory or derogatory in regard to the poster or posting. It will benoted in the members profile who is causing repeated problems and if the member receives enough infraction points in a 60 day period -that this poster will be banned from posting for two weeks. Asecond infraction offense will result in the loss of posting rights for 3 months. A third offense will merit consideration for the loss of membership privileges on We have increased the infraction points and the time frame before they expire to be more accurately aware of repeat offenders. Membership at is a privilege- not your right.

You do not have to register to read these forums but if you wish to post or see images -thenyou must register andbe a member.

You will not use foul language on If the use of foul language is noticed the offending language will be removed and or the posting will be deleted. An infraction will be given for offensive language as well. KEEP IT CLEAN!

It is forbidden for you as a member to have multiple usernames and or memberships on If it is found that you have been shill posting your privileges will be revoked.

Do not post links or information about ongoing "live" auctions. You may post when auctions are completed but no mention or promoting of auction items is allowed that are current on

Treat others with the same respect as you expect to have others treat you with. This is the golden rule and will be enforced. We would like Gunboards to be a fraternity of sorts where our motto is always forefront- "For Collectors by Collectors"

Stay on topic. This is not a sound off board for your views on life, politics, or the like. We talk about guns here so stay on target. We have specific forums for specific interests ranging from ammo and handguns to nations weapons. We also have forums thatinclude current events andpolitics, gun ownership and off topic free for all forum called the Minefield.We will move postings from time to time to the appropriate forums but ask that you try to stay relative to the topic of each forum so that your posting will receive the most attention.

Posts that suggest illegal activities in any form will be immediately deleted and the IP of the poster will be noted. Posters who attempt to entice or advise others to break the law will be banned from posting at forever and any information requested will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

10) is for collectors, shooters and firearm enthusiasts to get together and enjoy their hobby. We are about educating and furthering the hobby and knowledge base that has been accumulated over the years by the general membership worldwide. Keep this in mind at all times when you post. Be civil, think about the ramifications of your comments and always strive to write or reply in a manner that is respectful and as you would like to be treated.

All views and opinions are those solely of the poster and do not reflect or enforce any ideas or opinions of the owners or operators of this website. You are responsible for your own post and its contents.

Vic and Tuco

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