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The rules of this site must be followed. If not followed action will be taken without further warning.

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You are required to log in or register to use this service and you must leave a valid email address.

Problem users will be banned.

This forum is for Makarov & related 9x18 or .380 caliber handguns and accessories, to include the CZ 82 & 83, Polish P-64, Vanad, etc., and Hungarian made FEG 9x18 & 380 pistols.

This is a board to list items for sale, not to make comments about items, about sellers, or about prices. If you make such comments - you will be banned.

If you are making a number of listings please combine these into one ad. Please do not take up space and make 10 listings to sell 10 items. Make one listing with all 10 items in this listing. Thanks as this makes listing much easier to follow.

No postings about auctions or auction sites. In fact, don't even mention an auction site here. There's no reason to, this is a sales forum and there shouldn't be any promoting of auctions.

Items listed MUST include a selling price--no "best offer" or other similar listings allowed. Put a price on it.

No commercial postings are allowed on these boards. The only commercial postings accepted are those by Gunboards.Com sponsors & .

No shill users. Anyone observed utilizing a shill account to promote himself/herself will be banned.

Please edit your posting to show when an item is sold or otherwise no longer available. Note: It isn't necessary to delete your post, in fact, we'd rather you leave it up as it provides a point of reference in case of any dispute, provides feedback on who is a reliable seller/buyer, and a point of historical pricing reference. This isn't a hard & fast rule, only a suggestion and our preference. If you wish a post deleted, PM or email North Bender or Tennessean rather than simply editing your post to say "delete."

No "bumping" your post to the top until it falls from the first page, or after 2 weeks. This is a slower paced forum than the gunboards trader and there usually is no need to bump a post every day or every few days. If a post is bumped prior to falling off the first page, or before two weeks have passed, please be certain you've added pertinent info or details. Frequent unnecessary bumping will cause your post to be locked or deleted.

Do not list items here that are simultaneously listed at an auction. I thought this was common sense, but recently noticed some Makarovs listed here and at auction at the same time. No problem listing simultaneously at here and at other forum websites, just not auction sites. It's a recipe for disaster.

Remember the use of this Trader is a privilege not a right. If you push the rules here then you will loose the privilege of making use of the Trader and Trader services.

Good luck!


(Note "or two weeks" has been added to the "no bumping rule" to account for the default view of "last two weeks posts".)

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Still learning the new software. One new feature is the ability to close a post. Closing a post will keep it from being bumped to the top with feedback comments or other comments and as a result, the active posts with items for sale/want to buys should remain at the top.

I've gone through and closed many posts for done deals. Please keep your posts updated, when an item is sold, edit your post to reflect that. In the future I may require a post to be updated within 60 days or something like that or it will be closed for inactivity.

Please put feedback postings in the feedback forums near the top of the forums listing. Again, edit your post to reflect an item being sold rather than a new reply. The number one gripe I get is from folks who are aggrevated by such replies bumping new for sale posts down in the list.

Thanks to all who've posted here--you've made this forum very successful at its intended purpose.:)
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