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As this forum is for the sharing of information and answering
questions and discussing issues pertaining to Swedish military
firearms and militaria, no sporter or sporterizing topics are allowed.
Topics pertaining to reproduction items will be reviewed individually.

Topics about hunting with Swedish military firearms are allowed
as long as you're hunting with unaltered rifles or rifles that are
not permanently altered. The addition of long eye relief scopes
would be such an alteration that you're welcome to discuss
as long as the topic does not include permanent alterations to
the rifle. We value unaltered collectible rifles and do not wish
for this forum to be used to flame others who chose to do so.
For topics pertaining to alteration of rifles please use the Swedish
civilian firearms forum.

Topics about handloading are most welcomed with this caution:
The forum owners & moderators reserve the right to delete
any load data deemed unsafe or unwise or questionable, in their
opinion. It may be open to debate elsewhere but within this forum
we will strive to present information that is not dangerous in anyone's
eyes. We are most willing to discuss this privately with anyone who
has any questions or opinions on this matter.

Photos are welcomed... BUT.... please crop out unnecessary
emptiness from your photos and limit the size to 300kb.

WTB-WTT-WTS are allowed on this forum for Swedish firearms
and militaria. This courtesy is extended to regular forum users only.
If you do not regularly post notes and participate in forum discussions
please do not post WTS-WTT-WTB notes in this forum but instead
use the very effective Trader Board listed in main forum listing.

In this forum we allow links to active auctions mostly for educational
purpose, to illustrate or demonstrate some area that relates to collecting
Swedish military firearms and militaria. Sometimes it goes a little
beyond that but the spirit of this activity is that it helps teach us all.
As long as we don't stray too far from this intent things will continue
as they have. Sometimes auctions can be very entertaining.

We also sometimes point fingers and laugh at prices asked of
some items offered for sale or auction. While this is also entertaining
let us not do this for WTS items within the forum as a courtesy
to our fellow forum users.

And please, no profanity or flaming of other forum users.
Any transgressions will be deleted and you could possibly be
banned from further forum use.

As this forum is international it is asked/suggested that acronyms
and syntax not be used so that everyone will understand what is
being said. Abbreviations can also be confusing if you are reading
this forum in Italy or Norway or Iceland or Australia, among many
others. Those of us in the United States comprise the largest
group in this forum but we are by no means the only group. We
sometimes forget that English is not the first language of many of
the participants in this forum. We would prefer that everyone feels
welcomed by being able to read and understand what is being said.
No one ever will be ridiculed for having less than perfect English
skills. My father did not speak English until he was 13 years old.
You do the best you can and we will do our best to answer or
help you.

3 Oct 2012: Soliciting the purchase or sale of specifically numbered
parts is not something we want to occur in this forum. The purpose
being to make firearms appear to have matching numbers results
in fraudulent offerings at some point in the future of that firearm.

Be advised that the tone, direction and content of this forum is
purely at the discretion of the forum owners & moderators.

thank you from
& Swede
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