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To date, we have had a really good group of folks posting here, and I would love to see more posts and discussions. Just as a precaution, the following rules and parameters will be stickyed to the top of the forum to avoid any disruption of the good thing we have going here.

Please help us by being civil to each other, and there is a world of knowledge out there we can all share and learn.

Forum Rules:

1) No Wanted To Buy (WTB) Wanted To Sell (WTS) Or Wanted To Trade (WTT) ads are allowed. Use the Trader for such postings. Any post that offers items for sale or request to purchase items will be deleted. The exception to this rule would be organized group purchases within the forum. Additionally, no links to live gun auctions.

2) No flames or personal attacks will be tolerated. Posts that either attack or flame will be deleted and the IP of the poster noted. If it is noticed that one poster is causing problems this poster will be banned from posting.

3) Please do not use foul language of any sort. If the use of foul language is noticed the entire posting will be deleted. KEEP IT CLEAN! If continued abuse of this rule is noted by a poster that person will not be allowed to post to this forum.

4) Do not answer or praise yourself with false handles or nicknames.

5) Do not make posts about ongoing/active auctions.

6) Treat others with the same respect as you expect to have others treat you with. It is expected that all posters will act in an honorable, respectful manner.

7) Please use clear, readable English in this forum. Posts that are not understandable may be altered to clarify their meaning or be deleted.

8) Posts that suggest illegal activities in any form will be removed. Posters who attempt to entice or advise others to break the law will be banned from posting.

9) Gunboards is a family oriented site that has a long and rich history of congenial exchanges between forum users. If you cannot exchange information in a reasonable manner your posts will be removed.

10) Please refrain from using speech that is racially, ethnically or religiously discriminatory. This speech will cheapen the quality format and content of this site. Posters who use this language in their posts will be banned.

11) You may not make posts advocating the positions or beliefs of criminals or criminal regimes.

12) You are welcome to your opinions as others are welcome to their access to this forum. Please excercise restraint on opinions that may make other forum users feel ill at ease at this site.
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Not open for further replies.