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I have the following stuff for trade, I'd like to give anything for a large tunic. Other stuff will be considered, let me know what you have.
Anyone interested please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

Army Off. visor hat size57
Breeches size m48-0 (in quantity)
EM wool pants g56-2 (XXL)
Parade boots size27 (used)
Austrian leather Y-strap (used)

Panzer, Stasi LT shoulder brds (in quantity)
Border guard major shoulder brds
Bausodat shoulder brds
Air force EM, Jr, Sr Officer collar tabs
Grenzflieger Jr officer collar tabs
Wasserwirtschaft hat badge
Artillery marksman lanyard
Cuff titles (GT, NVA-Wach Rgt, Engles Wach Rgt)
Army, GT, Stasi EM collar tabs (in quantity)
Stasi EM, NCO shoulder brds
DDR sports badge (gold) (in quantity)
Qualification badge (missile technology)

Thanks for looking

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