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Scarce! Yes these are two ABSOLUTELY REAL, Japanese Special Naval Landing badges with Original paint and seemingly strong double prongs. The First badge has nearly 100% original OD paint, the second has the rarer Mustard-Brown Original Finish you often see on early prewar Naval landing helmets. These are my best two badges. Both are brass and have not been played with or restored in any way.

I recommend that these be restored to original naval landing helmets and not just any japanese helmet you might have lying around. You simply cannot pop one of these onto an army helmet and call it correct, it will not be. Japanese army helmets and the liners are completely different from Japanese navy made helmets and liners. See my other post for details about the differences between Army and Navy Japanese helmets. I am hoping the buyer will be responsible with these.

Scarce excellent condition, the mustard-brown badge is a real good one- 85% finish remains.

$399 for the pair plus postage and insurance. Money order payments only.

Three day inspection with return option. One condition for return: The pins seem strong, the moment you bend the pins to attach to a helmet you own it. No return if the pins are bent or broken. If those terms are not acceptable to you please do not make the purchase.

Contact me directly at: JapaneseOrdnance(at)

Please do not PM me.




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