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2 Romanian "G" kits barrels are bright, no rust, wood in good shape

flat bending jig pilot no slip type-- a little surface rust with flat and rails

4 slings

4 Tapco pre-drilled flats and rails 1 mounted in bending jig

3 Tapco pistol grips 922r

1 Tapco 30 rnd mag 922r

6 Romanian 30 rnd mags

2 extra lower forearms

Jig used to scribe and trim top rail

3 tapco single hook trigger sets 922r

5 hairpin clips

4 cross bushings

1 bayonet

1/4 and 3/8 button head cap screws, drill and tap

4 screw plates for trigger guard

There is about 800.00 dollars worth of parts here.
I will pack and ship all I can in wooden crate and any extra in another box for----$650.00.
First 'I'll take it" posted on forum.

I've built all I need.
If ya ever wanted to build some AK's, here it is.

Will take partial trade for C&R pistols or rifles only.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts