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fnh modell 27 Kal. 7,65

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Hi All, hope you can give me a little info about this pistol. My dad acquired it in France in 1945 while in the service. I have tried to get info on the cartridge size but all I can find is that they were made in 32 acp or .380. this one uses the 32 S&W. is this caliber unusual for this weapon?
I have attached some pics. of the pistol.
There are no markings on this pistol other then the Ser. # on side and top of slide, a couple of eagles holding swastikas, 1 on the slide the other on the barrel and the acceptance stamp WaA76 above the right grip. I did not take the grips off. I would appreciate any and all info that you can give me. Terry J.


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Defiantly NOT .32 S&W. 32 acp is more like it. I am not an expert on CZ pistols, by any means. I have only owned three, all vz82's. And yes, Defiantly NOT. If you are unshure about it, take it to a local gunsmith and ask him about it. The .32 S&W is a rimmed cartridge, ment for revolvers.
Normally I would agree with you but the 32 acp does not fit this pistol. My dad fired 32 acp's when he first got the gun but noticed the cases were cracked down the side. The chamber measures .355 in. The 32 acp measures .337 in. The 32 S&W I have measure .350in. I am going to have it checked myself but I know for a fact it does not shoot 32 auto's.
It's definitely supposed to shoot .32acp aka 7.65 browning. It's late war production (1944 and later I believe)... the stamped side plate and phosphate finish shows this. I can't tell but does your grips even say cz on them? That's all I can tell you about your pistol from the pictures, other than these are really nice guns and a joy to shoot... why your chamber diameter is off I don't know, could be shoddy late war production standards?
+1, it is SUPPOSED to be .32ACP. Later prodution grips had the CZ symbol removed. Your grips appear to be in pretty good shape. Hard to tell from the photo but they don't look to chipped up at the bottom which is quite common. BE CAREFUL if you take them off, I believe when you remove the two screws they slide STRAIGHT BACK and ONLY straight back to come off.

You will get more responses over on the luger 1/2 of this website.
No there is no CZ on the grips and they are not chipped at all. I did pull the grips off but there are no markings at all. Thanks for the info you gave me. I'll try the Luger side to see if anyone there can help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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