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for those that have one of these have you fired commercial 8mm out of it and how did it do i recently got one with a clean bore sure hate to fire surplus and get corrosive damage ,might take it hunting?? let me know thanks fellas

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All ammo is corrosive ... to one degree or another!
You have to clean it anyway!
Even the cleanest burning new manufacture stuff will attract moisture and rust the barrel out if you fail to clean it.

Shoot milsurp for target practice. This rifle requires practice to get used to the trigger pull and sights. Get good with it and it shoots very nice groups at 200 yds with iron sights!

The only additional step is running a few patches of black powder solvent through it when cleaning. Commercial black powder solvent has enough ammonia to neutralize corrosive compounds.

I start with a spray of (el-cheapo) carb cleaner from the auto parts supply store, several patches, brush, spray, several patches.
Squirt some Black Powder solvent down the bore and let it sit for a while then brush and patch.
Next is Shooters Choice Bore cleaner. This stuff really works and takes out a lot of copper residue. I'm waiting on my order of Wipe Out foaming cleaner to see what that does but have not tried it yet.

Once the patches start coming out clean with no blue copper on them, several passes with a Bore Snake to dry and polish.

Final pass with several patches with Shooters Choice FP-10 lubricant.

Don't forget the bolt and magazine!
This rifle is a PITA to completely strip down but I note that the firing pin and inside of the bolt seem to collect a ton of crap inside.

DO REPLACE the one piece firing pin with the later two piece version!
Order one now from Numrich Arms.
The one piece is prone to breaking and can slam fire if it gets gunked up. I already replaced a broken one and was astounded at the rust and gunk inside the bolt!
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