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Flying brass

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My Bulgarian Makarovs send the brass flying over a large area, while my 1911 .45cal pistols send their brass in tight groups on the pavement.

Is there a way to tighten the Makarov brass groupings on the ground? I usually loose one casing out of each magazine. I don't mind "far", but I'd like to reduce the "wide".

Accuracy is just fine with both the Mak and 1911 pistols.
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Attach a net to the pistol?

Reloading 9x18 is made difficult by the difficulty of finding your brass. I shot some 36 rounds yesterday of Ammonet ammo with Starline casings and found about 2/3rds of the cases. And that's in a fairly controlled area for them to land in. These things really make brass vanish.

Putting on heavier springs doesn't do much if anything. I once ran a test using a Makarov with 17#, 19# and 21# springs. The difference in the distance that casings were thrown was just about zip.

I think you have to control the environment, not the pistol.
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