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Florida Sheriffs Association Continues Opposition to Right to Bear Arms

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Those of us that live in Florida should call our local "sheriffs" and let them know what we think about the anti 2nd Amendment stance of the "florida sheriffs association"...

"SB-296 Firearms/Mandatory Evacuations
is a bill to allow law-abiding citizens to take their firearms with them when they are complying with a mandatory evacuation order under a declared state of emergency. This bill will keep law-abiding citizens from being arrested and having their firearms confiscated for taking their firearms with them when they evacuate."

"The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA), while proclaiming their support for the Second Amendment, continues to actively OPPOSE this legislation and your right to bear arms."

Klik here to read the full story:
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They can't search everyone - so just ignore the Association.
Sorry Charlie, but "ignoring" the anti-2nd Amendment minority in this country has resulted in a steady erosion of our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms...
Has not occurred in Eastern Kentucky (where I am from).
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