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In preparation for this spring/summer's matches, I ordered some SR-3C and MR-1C targets, for shooting at 300 and 600 yards. Today, I got to test my '44 PU for the first time, on paper, at 600. I've done a lot of shooting with it out to just over 500, but had to get an idea of how it's going to print on the proper target. The wind was from about 10 o'clock and very erratic at a steady 10mph, then gusts to 15-20mph. It took me five shots to get my zero on a gallon water jug, then I fired a ten round string on the target, giving about 30 seconds between all shots. This was the best I could do without a spotter and target markers between shots. When my teammate (brother) gets down here for more practice, things should improve slightly.


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ten dead soldiers.. but everybody knows they will not shoot accurately...

with a little less wind... a possible yikes

hand loads or surplus.. i would nopt play with any more until your brother gets there and you shoot with less wind.

nice work ...

i am sending you my pe to play with:grin:
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