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First T-38

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I picked up a Kokura T-38 at a local gunshow a couple of weeks, ground mum and missing the dust cover but otherwise in great shape. It has, as far as I can tell, all early features, but the receiver markings seem out of the ordinary to me - strange marking before the serial that I don't recognise as a series marking, and the serial itself seems a little long. Also the barrel shank has a small circle in triangle and an S on the left side I couldn't get a good picture of. Anyone able to elighten me?

I got some ammo at the same show so I hope to shoot it once the cold snap starts. It's pictured with a Turked Gewehr 88 I got at the same show.
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Hello Nyles :
the original parts to this rifle were all numbered to a Kanji and two digit number stamped on the receiver under the stock.
Actually that would be a 1-3 digit number with a Hiragana character preceding it
Looks like a nice pair of rifles!
Thanks for the help and the kind words - as soon as I saw it I knew it had to have it, it's the first T-38 I've seen up here that wasn't in awful condition.
Most have had a long, hard life.
Is there anything stamped between the mum & the T-38 markings?
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