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I recently picked up a rig at a local shop. The pistol is matching where numbered, including the mag, and appears in original finish. It's a 1939 S/42 with serial number 8176p.

When searching where this gun might fit into the very 'busy' year of changes at Mauser in 1939, the following data survey link for acceptance stamping was very useful.

What stood out to me was that my example might possibly be at, or very near, the change from the SE/63(sm) SE/63(sm) acceptance stamp sequence, to the SE/63(lg) SE/63(sm) sequence which appears near the transition from the S/42 to the 42 manufacture code. Not a big transition, but I found it rather cool.

Also, the size of the first SE/63 which appears on the barrel extension is the same size which appears on the matching magazine.

The salt bluing is largely worn, especially at the rear forks of the receiver. But others have been confirmed in the general production date span which sometimes exhibit the same loss of finish. Another interesting tidbit.

Now, some pics (lots, as usual!), and thanks for looking.

Some more pics, and a bit ragged holster from Ehrhardt & Kirsten, Taucha 1939 with what looks like WaA170 stamp. The tool is stamped SE655. The holster maker does not seem to be too common.

The rear axle pin may have been replaced at one point (?), as it has no number. And the grips have only a 0-stamp on the inside upper area. Some '39 S/42 Lugers have numbered grips, some don't. but these give all the appearance of being original to the gun.

Anyway, more pics. Comments and opinions always welcome.

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