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Remington 700 SPS Varmint rifle in .22-250. Remingtons website info here:

I picked one up used, but basically a new rifle.
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I put a Nikon 4x12 on it & took it to the range. I figured I would need to adjust the trigger & bed the plastic stock. I'll prob'ly leave the stock alone but might adjust the trigger. Right now it is 4lbs with almost perfect break - In my opinion, the new x-mark trigger is a lot nicer than the old Remington trigger. I like 3lb, but I won't fool with it until rifle is broken in.

I took 6 different loads and a box of commercial ammo to the range Friday, (C&R content: also took a Tikka PL M91 and a 1915 Swede w/ Soderin sights). The rifle feels good on the bench (also has 2 swivel studs up front for bipod) and the Nikon w/ medium weaver rings was perfect.
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(once you have opened the thumbnail you can click on the pic again for a 'full-sized' pic)

Not bad, especially for a rifle that isn't broke in yet. With some neck-sized brass and working on the load - I might could hit something....

The bad - it's heavy for walking around. It's very front-heavy (of course - plastic stock & heavy barrel) and you can tell fit & finish was an afterthought. I like the matte finish, others might not.

My varmint hunting is usually a short walk from the vehicle and sitting w/ gun on bipod - this'll do.
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