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know when i was thinking of buying one, i had a little trouble finding concrete information and personal opinions on how it shoots detailed range reports and things like that; plus historic information - excluding and a couple others, seemed to suggest the rifle pretty much sucked, and was a failure. however after finding out more i still bought an svt 40,rearsenal, in a naval inf. stock, and not too long ago i went and shot it.

first when i recived the rifle, i was really surprised by its elegance and workmanship, it certainly didnt look like many of the pictures, it was in fact much better! the stock had a coating of shellac on it, with yellow and reddish streaks the stock looked very unique and really cool! i have a bad habit of dry firing things, sometimes i put in a spent casing to help ease the firing pin, but none were available so i just went ahead and did it. the trigger was one of the crispest i have ever shot, no it wasnt the M39/k31 slight 2 stage, this was a single stage that broke so evenly and smoothly. i was very surprised.

what i liked about the whole action is how solidly it was made, including the magazine, made of thick steel including the follower. the action, even being massive looking operated quite smoothly and pleasantly, upon taking off the handguard, and seeing the gas system, looked very simple and functional, especially the fact that its adjustable, really had potential.but i didnt need to change
the settings.

At the range, i brought about 150 rounds of 149 gr fmj wolf, 40 rounds of 200 gr fmj wolf and about 50 rounds of 203 gr bernaul SP. i set up some steel disks at 100 yds, loaded 2 rounds just to check and fired - the recoil was surprisingly light, considering im shooting such a large round it seemed to be only be a bit bigger than an sks, however people that were stading next to me had a different story, my brother said the the blast almost knocked him off his feet, because he was standing about 2.5 meters from me
i loaded 10 rounds and shot, the sights are great, you get a much better sight radius than an sks, the notch is smaller, so you can aim farther with more precision and the rifles accuracy far surpasses my skill,(i must say, im not a target shooter -as in i dont shoot at paper and see how small groups i can get, instead i set up steel plates or disc break rotors and see how quickly they can blow up)

i set up more target at about 250 yds, went back and began to shoot, before the magazine was up i knocked down 3 targets wich now had multiple holes in them.(note that i always shoot standing up, only if in sighting in a scope on another rifle)

so i decided to still shoot at the messed up targets to empty the magazine, after the last round (i didnt know it was the last) the bolt stayed open and i,with a huge grin on my face ran for more ammo

i later was shooting a different rifle when my brother shot not too far from me with the svt, and it did catch me by surpise and made lose my balance, the muzzle blast is very impressive

i clearly realize now, why the germans and finns liked these so much

now when people come to my house and look at my collection, the first thing they notice and complement is the svt, and its understanable.
this rifle did cost me more than my others-450$ but i think that its worth it, its feel, balance, looks and character make it now my favorite rifle

thanks for reading my review, i can post pictures of it if you like, and i hope it helps people diciding weather to get an svt or not.

note also, i never seen an svt up close before i ordered mine from
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