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I recently received a brand spanking new PPS-43 pistol version from Military Gun Supply/Wiselite Arms. The gun arrived in a rather small box and I was anxious to see how it looked. My first reaction was "Whoa this way cool". I was really impressed with the attention to exterior detail of the PPS_43 clone in semi auto. I've handled the full auto version and this semi only copy in pistol form is near dead nut a copy. Outside of some very small cosmetic differences this gun looks just like the WW2 original.
Pic 1
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The finish on the gun is a deep black parkerize and fit and finish was very good. The folding shoulder stock is fixed in a closed position on this copy so the weapon can be sold on a pistol form. The caliber is 7.62x25 just as the original was. Overall I am very impressed with the little semi only smg pistol clone. The pistol "breaks" just like its older cousin by pushing the rear back cover in on the weapon and then the top half can be folded open to allow for cleaning of the barrel and remove of the bolt etc.. Due to the semi auto nature of the weapon the filed stripping is a bit more complicated than the smg original but its not a problem. A small screw driver would be all that was needed not for screws but to hold the rear spring plate forward while it is eased out of the top cover to allow removal of the bolt. Thats basically it.

Pic 2
The pistol opened up
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Pic 3
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The pistol op spring and bolt while open.

The gun itself comes with several accessories. The pistol, a sling and a three section pouch that hold the 3 magazines. The sling and pouch appear to be Polish manufacture as does the pistols parts. Outside of the serial number sequence on the bolt and some minor proof marks you would not know this was a Polish weapon or Soviet for that matter. The gun is marked with the markers info on the left side of the top cover assembly.
Pic 4
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Maker markings from Wiselite Arms.

Pic 5
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After assembling the sling and checking the magazine function and fit I was ready to go to the range with this little beast. The magazines-all three fit perfectly and the lock up was positive on all. The bolt cocked smoothly and the lock up was positive on the trigger. Trigger pull is stiff but I figure that will work in as we play with it.

Pic 6
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OK I got off to the range with this pistol armed with 150 rds of Polish 7.62x25 in unopened boxes. I figured its a Polish gun why not feed it Polish fodder? The magazines were easy to load with single rounds and I loaded all three magazines to start with about 12 rds apiece to check for function. Weather was bright and sunny with a small breeze right to left. My range buddy was Bowser from the boards. He liked the pistol as well!
Pic 7
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Pic 8
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It was time to see what this thing would do. The first thing I had to do was to figure out how to hold the darn thing. I tried a rest and that was not comfortable. So I moved the rest and just held the thing by the magazine and pistol grip and aligned it to the right eye relief. Just to be sure your aware of this guys-this gun is a not a target rifle. Its a plinker and its not the easiest thing in the world to hold out in front of you and try to make super accurate shots with at 50 yds. It has a cool factor of 10 and its all about making the milk jug dance not making clover leaves on the target paper.
Pic 9
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Getting this bad boy lined up!

Pic 10
View attachment 4086

Sending some lead downrange!

OK after about 40 rds we determined that the best way to hold this thing was as pictured and that the front sight had to be turned up to make point of aim. I had brought along a SVT front sight tool as it fit and used that but any of the after market SKS front sight tools will work as well or a AK cleaning kit tool. I adjusted the front sight up and had no real way to drift the post if need be so we hoped it was centered. A few more shots and some more adjustments and we were in business.

PIc 11
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Notice the protected front sight post. It unscrews to raise and screws in to lower. Also not the pressed rib indentation on the top cover. This corresponds with a slot in the top of the bolt that was cut to perform two functions. One to not allow the use of a unmodified PPS bolt in the gun and two it acts as a guide rib for the bolt to keep it centered in the top cover.

Now I blasted away for a few minutes and after about 25 rds we went to see what this little beauty could do. Frankly we were all a but surprised that after the final sight adjustments we had made a rather nice little group with the PPS-43 pistol. A little adjustment left and we will be all over that 10 ring the next time. The distance was about 35 meters in this test.
Pic 12
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On function the weapon operated flawlessly in my book. I loaded and ejected rather positively about 10 yds front and to the right. The gun fired every round fed and I had one stove pipe casing. This was not a big deal and the jam was easily cleared and off we were rolling again. In comparison the full auto PPS I have fired had several jams during the range session.

Frankly I thought this "pistol" was really cool. Fit and finish was excellent and the gun operated without a hiccup with all 150 rds. I shot it and Bowser shot it and we both pronounced it a 9 out of 10 on the fun scale. Due to the nature of the range we were at it was not possible to stand and rapid fire the PPS-43 and that would have made it even more fun! My only complaint is the welded up stock. It would have been much easier to shoot with the shoulder stock open but in order to keep the barrel length as the original it had to be welded up so the weapon is transferable as a pistol. New version coming will have a longer barrel to make compliance and have an operational stock. Also this gun cousin the KP-44 which was the Finnish version that could accept bot stick and drum magazines are in stock now in limited quantity.

MGS has informed me they have several of these in stock right now and some of the KP-44's in stock as well in the pistol configuration as depicted here. These are really a cool little plinker and perfect for a display of Red Army infantry weapons if that is what you like. I can see this PPS-43 making onto a mannequin the next time I do a big display for a historical group and nobody would know the difference. I give the PPs-43 a A for fun and function. For your own gun contact MGS as soon as possible as these are a limited production and will sell out fast. Be sure to tell them your a Gunboards member in case they are running a special! Get yours now!

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