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Fiorina's husband has license to pack heat

Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross

San Francisco Chronicle

Monday, June 21, 2010

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's support for gun rights isn't just public - it's very personal as well.

Records show her 60-year-old husband, Frank Fiorina, who occasionally doubles as her bodyguard, has carried a concealed-weapon permit since her days as CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Frank Fiorina, a retired AT&T vice president, was first issued a state Department of Justice permit to carry a concealed Glock 9mm pistol in 2000, according to Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department records.

He cited security concerns over his wife's "very visible" role at the head of HP, and said that as her "driver," he should be allowed to pack heat.

"She is very visible in the media," he wrote on the application, adding that there had been incidents in which CEOs "have been targets, including right in our community."

He was granted the permit after he passed a Santa Clara County sheriff's training and firearms qualification course.

His permit has been renewed every two years since, including one for 2010.

In his request for 2008 - the last one immediately available for inspection - he requested permission to carry a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver as well as the Glock. By then Carly Fiorina was gone from HP, but her husband cited her work as a member of the advisory boards to the CIA, Defense Department and State Department, as well as her position in John McCain's presidential campaign.

"Carly has been a public figure for a very long time and, as every public figure knows, sometimes unfortunately that comes along with inappropriate interest from unsavory characters," campaign spokeswoman Julie Soderlund told us.

"After several incidents, Frank obtained the permit based on the recommendation of law enforcement," she said.

In fact, campaign insiders tell us that Carly Fiorina has had to endure more than one stalker, including a man who showed up at a number of appearances during a 2006 book tour as well as at her home...

It would be nice if they posted the names of those other pistol packing politicians out in Commiefornia. Lots of hypocrites in their ranks! Unlike many others, Carly and Frank Fiorina are not sworn enimies of our rights. Maybe this is why she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association just weeks ago...

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Rich hypocrite. Yeah, they're rich, they get a ccw. I've never heard Carly call for an end of the arbitrary policy.

the gal's better than Boxer mind you, but a corpse in the morgue is also.
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