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The Civil Guard number is 85,027 and very crisp. If my research is correct that means it was issued in Savonlinna, about 20 miles from the current Russian border.
S 85027 belonged to Kesälahti Civil Guard at Pohjois-Karjala (North Karelia) Civil Guard District. Kesälahti is located some 15 kilometres or 10 miles from the current Finland–Russia border. Kesälahti Civil Guard was moved to Savonlinna Civil Guard District in 1940, years after the rifle was removed from Kesälahti Civil Guard inventory.

Civil Guard used some 6000 Type 30 rifles between circa 1918 and 1928. Most of these were captured directly by Civil Guards from Imperial Russian 42nd Army Corps and Russian Baltic Fleet armouries in January 1918. Some were given to them by the Ministry of Defence after the Finnish Civil War.
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