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Finnish property Mod.38 Carcano: value?

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I have a chance to get a gorgeous, matching Model 1938 Carcano rifle that is 'SA' marked. It's in fantastic shape, with full bluing throughout, and an almost perfect stock. It is chambered in 7.35mm, and the bore is nearly pristine.

What are these worth now? Are they worthy targets for Finn collectors?
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To buy as a shooter, you may be disappointed in ammo cost - when and if you can find it.

As a collectible, the [SA] is actually a detriment. If you can find one that is not Finn marked, it can be a $400-plus gun. As they are, and I have two, they seem like a novelty. Fun to look at. I paid $150 for one, and $75 for the other (crack in bolt safety housing), both within the last year.
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