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Originally posted by Finn Collector

This topic is intended to focus on non-standard (non-Mosin-Nagant) Arms utilized by the Finnish Armed Forces and Civil Guard in WWII and prior. With some recent posts on the Japanese forum focused on Finnish issued Arisakas and Tuco's section on non-standard arms ( I think it would be interesting to find and learn about what our members have to share on this interesting topic.

I had intended to start this with photos of my own however I will have to defer to others get this topic started until I can get time to take and update some pictures and information.

Bill B

Hi Finn,On an earlier thread we discovered that a very early type 38 carbine of mine was one of the British contract rifles. It was issued to the South Wales Mounted Reg. and then to guard duty at Pembroke navy yard. From there it was surplused to the Russians who realized the problem with the floorplate release inside the trigger guard and fabricated a sliding retainer to stop the mag from dumping.Interesting travels for a rifle that I would think the Finn's would have also acquired from the Russian's also ,since they were always kicking there ass.I've always wondered how the Japanese solved the same problem in Manchuria.This rifle will be in Frank Allen's book. If I can be of further assistance let me know.It might take a bit for me to get back to you ,vacation time.

Finn Collector

I also have a T38 (long rifle) with UK district numbers. Any idea how you can define where the district was located?


Not that I collect Italian arms in particular, but I have examined sevaral Italain M1938 rifles over the years. It seems to me that all of the 7.35 cal M38's I have seen had Finnish SA markings on them. I don't recall seeing a 7.35 with only Italian markings. Those M38's without Finnish markings are almost always in 6.5 cal. That's only my casual observation.

The only Italian rifle I had any interest in keeping was a 7.35mm M1938, because of the SA mark. The one I used shot rather well with surplus Italian ammo, but 7.35 Italian is now rather hard to find.


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The Finns used a number of WW1 German Kar 98a Mauser carbines from the end of WW1 up into the late 1920's - early 1930's, and sold them off in the early 1930's.

I sure wish they had marked them in some way or that a list of serial numbers of these existed. I'm a big fan of the Kar 98a and have examples used by several nations in my collection. I sure would like to have one that saw service in Finnland
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