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Finn( Tikka) stripper clips

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Picked up a couple of these a a recent gunshow. They look like aluminum, but are bright coated steel as per magnet test. Most were marked with the T/triangle/in circle stamp.Thinking about picking up a few more soon. Comments from users and what's a decent price each?? Wartime or postwar??. TIA.
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Hmmmm...... I've been collecting stripper clips for years, all kinds. and apart from the Santa Fe copies of the French Mannlicher Berthier 3 and 5 shot clips I didn't think it would be worth anyones time to do repros of anything but the very rarest......... just shows how wrong I can be!

Happy shooting,

That is what I thought as well but I guess there is a market for it.
well there is obviously a market for repro stripper clips... if there wasn't these wouldn't sell... same with uglycarfan's brass clips... or the tapco clips that people regret buying
I spent a good few minutes last night comparing Tikka and 'Tikka' clips and I must say that the copies are excellent. Dimensionally they are spot on and at a casual glance it's really only the newness and lack of patina that gives them away. Even the marking is excellent, if anything looking slightly less 'hand engraved' than the original (see scan). Once they've been to the range a few times and acquired a bit of history it'll be very hard to tell them apart.

Ohh well........caveat emptor!

PS Copy above, original bellow.
This sucks. When Masen first started selling these I picked up 20 and as soon as I compared them to originals they stood out as fake parts. Ever since then I have been dreading the onslaught of fake Finnish stuff that will eventually hit the market and already is. Slings with fake markings etc. Only a matter of time until there are fakes of very rare rifles that can be "home made". Hopefully it will not get as bad as the market for U.S. or German stuff is but...if there's a dollar to be theived.... ugh.

My input is that if the original order via John Masen (as I have been told) was not meant to mislead why the Tikka marking? It's pointless unless you are looking to make a quick buck off of the unwary. For many other reasons excellent fakes ruin a collectibles market.
Ok, I might be stupid, but I have some, and the inside on the bottom is blackened, and they are the lighter color. These are the fakes right?
The fact that they sold for only $1 each tells me there wasn't an intent to deceive. I can hardly believe you can get them made and then shipped here for a $1 each. The profit margin must be very small.
Mosinman91-30: I have 20 of the fakes and most of them have a very dark, dark gray-to-black color on the inside of the back rib. The size of the dark-colored patch varies, but it seems to be a characteristic of their manufacturing/plating(?) process. The machinery to do the uniform, thin fold and crimp of the leading edge of the stripper (what most copies omit) is expensive. There was an effort to make a good product at a reasonable price. Again, I wish the branding had not been copied. DDR
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