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Finn( Tikka) stripper clips

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Picked up a couple of these a a recent gunshow. They look like aluminum, but are bright coated steel as per magnet test. Most were marked with the T/triangle/in circle stamp.Thinking about picking up a few more soon. Comments from users and what's a decent price each?? Wartime or postwar??. TIA.
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Until Ted can do the job right, here are a couple of quicky pics - not exactly true to color, but one should be able to spot the differences six feet away. The authentic Tikka stripper is on the bottom and the Chinese reproduction is on the top. The original has the appearance/lustre of bright, smooth stainless steel. It has a good reflective quality to it. In comparison, the Chinese copy has a textured, "frosty", dull appearance. No doubt the metallurgy is different, but in the world of reproduction strippers, the Chinese copies work pretty well. HTH, DDR
Oh no...I gots more studyin' and learnin' to do. This computer stuff never ends! Thanks for the info Ted. DDR
I think Masen recognized the shortage of Mosin stripper clips and filled a market niche/void. My guess is that the logo was part of an attempt to faithfully reproduce the early style sample given to the Chinese - although it could be more sinister, but I don't know that or suspect it from Masen's advertising. (Would have been better if the logo had been left off, however.) Generally speaking, I think the "fingered" style strippers perform better and no others that I know of are reproduced in that style. He may have been going for a quality product. DDR
Mosinman91-30: I have 20 of the fakes and most of them have a very dark, dark gray-to-black color on the inside of the back rib. The size of the dark-colored patch varies, but it seems to be a characteristic of their manufacturing/plating(?) process. The machinery to do the uniform, thin fold and crimp of the leading edge of the stripper (what most copies omit) is expensive. There was an effort to make a good product at a reasonable price. Again, I wish the branding had not been copied. DDR
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