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Finn( Tikka) stripper clips

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Picked up a couple of these a a recent gunshow. They look like aluminum, but are bright coated steel as per magnet test. Most were marked with the T/triangle/in circle stamp.Thinking about picking up a few more soon. Comments from users and what's a decent price each?? Wartime or postwar??. TIA.
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They're made in China for a company in TX that ordered them to those specifications. The Chinese never tried to fool anybody and the guy that had them made freely admits where they came from if you ask. None of the description I've seen mentions Finland or makes any claims about them being original. I wish they weren't Tikka marked though.
Correct as far as this company goes, but unfortunately, several folks selling them, including several epay vendors, claim they are original. Also Tickbyte Supply carefully words their ad and doesn't say "original" but doesn't explain that they are reproductions either. :mad:

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