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A conversation today with a fellow member had me thinking about examples of parts of captured Finnish mosins making their way into the Soviet refurb system. This doesn't include SA marked recaptured rifles or Tikka m30s in this case, but smaller components.

Here are a few that spring to mind that I've seen and are confident weren't put on the rifle after import as replacement parts.

Two piece Finn m30 stock that went through Soviet refurb and was on an otherwise normal refurb 91/30.

Sako cocking piece on a refurb 91/30 direct from a crate.

Imperial era bolt handle with a partially scrubbed serial on the ball in addition to a scrubbed one on the body itself. Looked exactly like a typical Finn matched bolt that had been through Soviet refurb.

Anti-jam marked magazine on a 91/30, magazine had a typical refurb finish that matched the rest of the rifle.

A couple of receivers recycled onto wartime 91/30s and m44s: two with visible civil guard district numbers, one with winged bolt connector grooves added by the Finns and one with the imperial eagle defaced with a dimple exactly like what is seen on many m39s.

At least one buttplate that appeared to have Finnish bore or "grade" condition markings around the top screw hole on a force matched refurb.

Just curious if anyone else has seen or has an example of this.

Side note, I saw a refurb with a force matched Westinghouse bolt body that had a US acceptance flaming bomb stamp. That part must have had an interesting path to wind up on a refurb 91/30.
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