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comparing the price to m39 prices may be an act of lunacy because the m39 prices have been artificially inflated for the last several years.
Y'all have a good day, Keith
I am new to Mosin collecting, but have seen this comment or similar on this board many times. I too think that the M27 and M28 are under priced. I am curious about the comment that M39s are "artificially" inflated though. I have a hard time believing it will be possible to purchase an M39 in 5-10 years for a price lower than today's price. They still seem undervalued to me when compared to other military surplus guns, particularly US guns. So, to me the M39 does not look "artificially inflated" in price or even inflated in price at all. I simply think that the M27 and M28 are under appreciated and under valued. In fair disclosure, I own 5 M39s and 2 M27s. Sorry for the thread drift.
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