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Finn M91 stock mark question.

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I bought an M91 and have a question on one of the stock marks.

The gun is a NEW, Finn boxed-SA, in a Finn wartime fingergroove spliced stock.
Wire-type sling plates with Finn wire swivels.
The stock is cartouched with the "crossed cannnons" on the right side.

The stock has not been sanded and the metal is about 70% original blue.

Overall, the rifle doesn't look to have been post-war refurbished.
It has the pleasing "been there, done that" look.

The mark in question is on the underside of the stock wrist just below the rear of the trigger guard. It is "41" in 1/4" size font.

I've seen the "41" on Finn used M91/30 rifles, but never on an M91.
This is an M91 stock, not an M91/30 stock.

Any ideas?

Regards, ned
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