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Hi All,

I picked up a Finn M-91 with a 1942 VKT barrel. I understand the bore is closer to .308 than .310
Can I safely shoot a .311/.312 JACKETED bullet in it SAFELY?

I have a few other M/N rifles- M-44 & 91/30 all Russian & shoot the regular mil. surp
(or .312 lead bullets reloads) 7.62 x54R ammo.
The bullet is .311/.312 most of the time.

I'm out of reloads now, was planning to reload with 308 jacked or lead bullets but my pal has my dies.

I think it would be OK to use Russian mil surp in it, but I want to check BEFORE I ruin a nice old rifle or myself!

I'm just ITCHING to shoot it!

Thanks for any help,

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Slug the bore to be sure of the groove diameter.

I am almost certain the latter Finn made M91s have a bore diameter larger than .308. Probably more like .310 or greater.

It should be fine to shoot surplus ammo, just watch your primers (which you probably already know as a reloader).

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