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Yo Gents,

Along with the excellent WWI Bulgarian ferashka I recently acquired from Brian, I have also added a beautiful set of traditional Bulgarian footwear! These items will add the finishing touches to my Bulgarian display, which is otherwise complete.

The new mannequin for this display is one of the series I have been purchasing regularly for the past three years. They are perfect for these displays in that they are of slender build and 5’10” tall, which makes them just about perfect for the average WWI uniform tunic or greatcoat. Most mannequins these days are 6'2" or 6'3", which results in a tight fit or sleeves that look waaaaaay too short! I also purchased a second identical mannequin for my Austro-Hungarian Pioneer Display, which I will cover in a seperate thread when the display is assembled.

Since I paint my mannequins myself anyway, it doesn’t matter that this series comes completely “in the white”! The other feature that is perfect about this particular model is that it comes with mounting rods that can be used in the bottom of the foot…..OR……in the back of the calf, which means I don’t have to drill holes in an antique pair of shoes! (Bulgarian Tsarvuli). Excellent!

The footwear was acquired for me with special care to detail by our very own Nick who was kind enough to enlist the aid of some of his Bulgarian re-enactor friends in…….you guessed it!......... Bulgaria! Many thanks to Nick and his Buddies!

The shoes are called Tsarvuli and come complete with the traditional stockings, leg wraps and woven woolen cord to wrap them with. Nick provided me with the proper names of all of the accouterments that accompany the shoes, but I don’t have time to look them up this morning. I’ll edit them into the thread later.

And of course I have also added a WWI vintage photo of a Bulgarian soldier wearing this traditional footwear and leg wraps to show the "look" I am targeting with this most interesting display.

I’ll post photos of the display when it is completed. This mannequin and the Serbian Field Officer Display, which was posted on the old Forum will be featured in a future two part article entitled, “WWI Small Arms of the Balkans”. More when the display is assembled.

Warmest regards,


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Hey JPS,
Another "History Channel" moment for me. Thank you!!

The footwear is very interesting given the time, and what other armies were fielding. Did they stick with it throughout the war?

I just got back from Moscow and Kiev. I hope that you are home for a respite as well.

Take care.
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