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Finished my M94

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The M94 is pretty much done. The old varnish was removed and the stock received several coats of linseed oil cut with turpentine. The barrel extension was removed by a local gunsmith and he also matched the reproduction nose cap I bought from Swede with the original pieces on the rifle. Luckily there was no counter-bore. The sling is from a Swedish M45 and the stock buckle was also replaced with a NOS buckle since the one that was on it had a broken leather loop. Currently it has a NOS Husqvarna trigger guard since I need to do some repairs to the original. It is complete numbers-matching except for the most important piece; the bolt is 2 digits away from the receiver. It's a Gustafs from 1904 and thanks to my brother's keen eye, a pawnshop rescue. It was originally assigned to the 7th Company of the 4th Artillery. Thanks to all who provided assistance along the way. A 1899 Oberndorf M96 should be here this week...

Barrel extension before being turned down

Here's a "before" shot
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Very nice job on the restoration! Congratulations.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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